Demogorgon, a new song.

“Ήτοι μεν πρώτιστα χάος γένετο.” (“Verily at the first Chaos came to be.”)Hesiod (ca.750 BC), Theogonia, 116.—The opening tune of my dark progressive album “Quantum Arkanum”, featuring stoner, sludge and psychedelic elements, with some classical flavour. Quantum Prana: guitars, bass, voices, drum programming, mixing & mastering. Cover illustration by Gustave Doré (1832-1883).

New paper on energy data mining now published

Office Building Tenants’ Electricity Use Model for Building Performance Simulations Abstract Large office buildings are responsible for a substantial portion of energy consumption in urban districts. However, thorough assessments regarding the Nordic countries are still lacking. In this paper we analyse the largest dataset to date for a Nordic office building, by considering a caseContinue reading “New paper on energy data mining now published”

New paper on geothermal energy published

Our latest paper introduces a tabulated tool that aids in the early design of geothermal systems, by providing estimates of the system’s efficiency according to the chosen energy piles field configuration and heat pump sizing. Direct link: The paper can be downloaded FOR FREE for 50 days at this link: Abstract Geothermal systems areContinue reading “New paper on geothermal energy published”

Full cover album released with Echoes From A Great Distance

So here is Echoes From A Great Distance (where I play bass) covering the magnificent One Hundred Years by The Cure.…/one-hundred-years-the-cure .We have just released a full cover album, featuring Bauhaus, Midnight Oil, The Mission, Pere Ubu, Diaframma and Franti. Check it out on the band’s Soundcloud!

New lyrics video – Sabbatical Leave

I have published a lyrics video for the radio edit version of my song Sabbatical Leave. You can watch it below or on Youtube at The full version of the track is on my Soundcloud profile at

New paper published: “A novel method for calculating heat emitter and controller configuration setpoint variations with EN15316-2”.

We published a new article! Highlights of the paper, available at A novel method for the accurate calculation of total setpoint variations. Effects of real system losses are better represented than with component assessment Simulations of annual energy consumption compare losses for new and old building. A common platform to compare emission efficiency underContinue reading “New paper published: “A novel method for calculating heat emitter and controller configuration setpoint variations with EN15316-2”.”