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Short biography

Born in 1977, the year of Star Wars, in the Alpine region (Turin, Italy), I am based in Helsinki (Finland) since 2005. My Ph.D. thesis (January 2010, University of Helsinki) focused on particle cosmology, supergravity and supersymmetric dark matter, from which the name “Dark Matter Guitar”. As the scientific method is grounded on experimental observation, I am trying to experiment both on the music side, by combining different approaches about composition and production, as well as with lyrics and vocal performances by referring to narrative literature and theatre. I have accordingly chosen “Experimental art metal” to define my style.

I started playing the guitar in 1994 and have been active first in black and thrash metal, then in progressive rock and metal, industrial and avant-garde music. So far I have played six- and seven-string guitars, four- and five-string fretted and fretless basses. Besides writing my own music, I am quite active with professional sessions and collaborations. In 2021 I finally started recording and distributing my own material with the aid of collaborators on drums and keyboards. Incidentally, my first solo EP ever is a dark ambient collection of soundtracks, rather disjoint from metal.

Influenced mostly by rock and fusion, and inspired when composing also by e.g. Miles Davis, Frank Zappa and Igor Stravinsky, in my own music I try to merge all these different elements in a hopefully organic and musical manner.

Through the years, I have combined music, physics and my interest in Oriental philosophies and Martial Arts to shape the concept of Dark Matter Guitar.
This is partly reflected in Event Horizon (my Yang: sun, action, reckless energy, summer), and in Quantum Arkanum (my Yin: moon, contemplation, darkness, winter). These two parallel and complementary concepts, of which the two EPs constitute a sort of “manifesto”, will continue in the future, featuring my own original material.

As of October 2022, the highlight of my carrier has been performing with Odalisque on lead guitar during the Helldone 2013 tour, when we opened for the band HIM.

Current activities: working as a session musician for recording and gigs. Collaborations in various genres and composition of dark ambient soundtracks. Bassist in the alternative psychedelic rock Echoes From A Great Distance and live session bassist for the progressive metal band Aitheer. Lead guitarist in a Testament tribute band.


“The Finnish band Quantum Prana, released in early 2022, the EP entitled “Event Horizon”. With 4 songs in just over 20 minutes, one of its highlights is the song “Funky Matters”, with lyrics that talk about the discoveries and uncertainties of particle physics and instrumental that proves to be quite varied. Merging elements of Progressive Metal, Jazz, Funk, the song stands out mainly for its good weight, technique and quality melodies.” Roadie-Metal.com (BRA)

Links: https://linktr.ee/quantumprana

Contact: info(at)quantumprana.com

Musician, theoretical physicist, and martial artist

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