June, 10 2022

Quantum Arkanum

A dark and symbolic endeavour through Greek and Egyptian cosmogony.

  1. “Demogorgon” begins with a soundscape of the cosmic origin, followed by a guitar ensemble inspired by the cosmic the Flutes of Azathoth. Featuring stoner, sludge and psychedelic elements, with some classical flavour. The tune ends with a low-pitched voice uttering “Ήτοι μεν πρώτιστα χάος γένετο.” (“Verily at the first Chaos came to be.”). Hesiod (ca.750 BC), Theogonia, 116.
  2. “Hen Kai Pan, Pt.1 (One And All)” is inspired by King Crimson’s “Red” era, Candlemass, Opeth. Centred on occultism, Egyptian symbolism and hermeticism.
  3. “Hen Kai Pan, Pt.2 (Coda – The Weeping Void)” narrates of the creation of Humankind from the tears of Amun-Ra, an ancient Egyptian myth. Mostly an instrumental, concludes the EP with a more post-rock atmosphere and arrangement.

Quantum Prana: lyrics, vocals, bass, guitar, programmed drums, mixing & mastering.

“Ήτοι μεν πρώτιστα χάος γένετο.” (“Verily at the first Chaos came to be.”)
Hesiod (ca.750 BC), Theogonia, 116.

Musician, theoretical physicist, and martial artist

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