March, 1 2022

Event Horizon

A short voyage into quantum Physics, supergravity, symbolism, and academic distress.

  1. “Funky Matters” (a play with words) is a song/essay about the discoveries as well as the uncertainties of Particle Physics. Funk and jazz structures/rhythms develop on a metal arrangement, with clean singing and choruses to sing along with. A concept song about particle Physics, supersymmetry, string theory, including the psychedelic central section with heavy jazz fusion influences “Dark Matter Suite”.
  2. “The Tyger” features as lyrics my own adaptation of the homonymous poem by William Blake, in a horror story of might, divinity and grandeur. Whispered in darkness, with theatrical vocals inspired by a young Genesis’ Peter Gabriel, perhaps some hints at Johnny Cash, and a more art rock feel overall. My little tribute to Blake and Gabriel.
  3. “Sabbatical Leave” is the story of an evil researcher, who hates the world and takes a Sabbatical leave to build a weapon of mass destruction. Dark humour and critique of the current academic Zeitgeist, drawing from odd tempos and a few polyrhythms. More avantgarde/experimental singing, supported by hammers and drills.
  4. “Bonus track: The Stalker” is a collaboration with the Helsinki prog rock band Spy. Here I sing a tale of a…stalker, in a rather traditional way, while the group shines with their instrumental accompaniment in 5/8.

Quantum Prana: Vocals, guitar, bass (#1, #2, #3); lyrics; mixing (#1, #2, #3) & mastering.
Second Order Effects: Keyboards (#1, #2)
Klas Granqvist: Drums (#1)
MathGen: Drums (#2, #3)
Spy (Finnish band): guitar, bass, drums (#4)

Musician, theoretical physicist, and martial artist

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