Are you searching for some new inspiration? Listen to “It’s all Suggestion”

We Echoes From A Great Distance are a psychedelic post-rock power trio, influenced by Joy Division, The Cure (mostly the “Pornography” era), Pink Floyd, Rush etc. Today we released “It’s all Suggestion”, a concept album against ignorance and hatred.Are you searching for some new inspiration? Don’t listen to bullshit corporate music, listen to “It’s allContinue reading “Are you searching for some new inspiration? Listen to “It’s all Suggestion””

New paper on energy engineering published today

Cheers! I have just published a new article entitled “Optimization of Radiators, Underfloor and Ceiling Heater Towards the Definition of a Reference Ideal Heater for Energy Efficient Buildings”. We discuss analytical methods for optimization of heating systems in residential buildings, providing a formal efficiency analysis and some specific optimal configurations.Here I am using a simpleContinue reading “New paper on energy engineering published today”

Lyrics of 男儿当自强 (A Man Should Strengthen Himself)

Originally posted on The Hesitant Prize Fighter:
This is a song I guess many Chinese may have heard it in their life. Well. I notice it is found in many Kungfu Movies and even my Chinese friends who cannot converse in mandarin knows this song… Actually I found many transalation of the title, They are…

Mozart Medley now published!

Here you see released on my Soundcloud the first recording for my solo project “Rock Me Amadeus”! It’s a robust rearrangement of some of Mozart’s immortal compositions, featuring extracts from Symphony n.25, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and the Queen of the Night Aria. I recorded all the strings (and also flutes, horns and oboes) with my electric guitars (YamahaContinue reading “Mozart Medley now published!”