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Review of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”

I have adventured in reading this classic novel, and I’m glad that it was short enough to ease the pain quickly. My little review on #Goodreads:

Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Horrible. Tedious to death. An awful drag…at least it was short and the pain lasted only a week.

The story of an idiotic, spineless scientist who manages to create life (!), but then immediately rejects and abandons the creature because…it’s ugly. Then he faints, an awful number of times throughout the too many pages of this terribly self-indulgent teenager disaster. What a waste of time, really. Kenneth Branagh did an amazing job in ameliorating this story in his movie.

Victor is so irrational to never really use his brain at all, he’s all emotion and psychosis, sees something, gets scared and faints, then he falls sick, for two-three months. And he whines about how he’s pitiful, unlucky, suffering and blah blah blah. He makes idiotic choices and never faces his responsibilities, he can only blame the creature.

The book is also very illogical, and relies too much on very convenient coincidences. I’m not writing spoilers, but the story almost made me sometimes scream with desperation!

The narrative is so horribly self-indulgent that we have to read up to 4 pages of useless scenery description, which could be easily condensed in one page just for the setting.
But no, you need to know the colour of the tree’s leaves in that particular season, and right when you were finally acquiring some momentum, hoping in something to happen, the rhythm is broken again.
And when action happens, Victor usually faints. Then he wakes up after two months in bed, and then he whines some more. Then also the creature whines. And the ship’s captain whines too. Everybody whines, including the poor reader.

It’s incredible how such a brilliant premise, with all the influence it carried (and still carries) on literature and popular culture, including a number of undertones and legitimate questions about the power and dangers of science, got wasted on this poor execution.
At least I’ve learned a new English word: “countenance”. Beware, you’ll read it a lot, REALLY an awful lot of times!

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REDRUM 251 – New EP on Spotify

A short collection of soundtracks for Fabrizio Borgio’s crime stories, settled among Piedmont’s wine hills and featuring Detective Giorgio Martinengo. Inspired by psychological horror and by the movie The Shining (1980).

You can also listen to the EP on Soundcloud:

I am featured also on Apple Music:

Are you searching for some new inspiration? Listen to “It’s all Suggestion”

We Echoes From A Great Distance are a psychedelic post-rock power trio, influenced by Joy Division, The Cure (mostly the “Pornography” era), Pink Floyd, Rush etc. Today we released “It’s all Suggestion”, a concept album against ignorance and hatred.
Are you searching for some new inspiration? Don’t listen to bullshit corporate music, listen to “It’s all Suggestion”…very loud!

New plans for prog rock

Time for an update: I will continue my prog rock project by myself, since everybody else has left (no personal reasons, we’re all still good friends). I have a lot of new material that I shall record in the next weeks; furthermore, some demo recordings with the guys will appear soon on my Soundcloud page.

I am now en force on bass with my friends Echoes From A Great Distance, which means I will finally hit the stage again next Autumn, after a 2 years hiatus.

I am also starting a pop collaboration, where I’ll introduce some progressive and psychedelic elements into a more traditional songwriting. It’s going to be very catchy, stay tuned!

New paper on energy engineering published today


I have just published a new article entitled “Optimization of Radiators, Underfloor and Ceiling Heater Towards the Definition of a Reference Ideal Heater for Energy Efficient Buildings”. We discuss analytical methods for optimization of heating systems in residential buildings, providing a formal efficiency analysis and some specific optimal configurations.
Here I am using a simple analytical method that I have developed some time ago for a different topic (predicting hot water consumption in residential buildings).
You can view the article (with open access) and download it for free at the following address:

Heat emitters, as the primary devices used in space heating, cover a fundamental role in the energy efficient use of buildings. In the search for an optimized design, heating devices should be compared with a benchmark emitter with maximum heat emission efficiency. However, such an ideal heater still needs to be defined. In this paper we perform an analysis of heat transfer in a European reference room, considering surface effects of thermal radiation and computing the induced operative temperature (op.t.) both analytically and numerically. Our ideal heater is the one determining the highest op.t. By means of functional optimization, we analyse trends such as the variation of operative temperature with radiator panel dimensions, finding optimal configurations. To make our definitions as general as possible, we address panel radiators, convectors, underfloor (UFH) and ceiling heater. We obtain analytical formulas for the operative temperature induced by panel radiators and identify the 10-type as our ideal radiator, while the UFH provides the best performance overall. Regarding specifically UFH and ceiling heaters, we find optimal sizes providing maximum op.t. The analytical method and qualitative results reported in this paper can be generalized and adopted in most studies concerning the efficiency of different heat emitter types in building enclosures.

Lyrics of 男儿当自强 (A Man Should Strengthen Himself)

Wonderful and deep lyrics from a Chinese folk song.

The Hesitant Prize Fighter

This is a song I guess many Chinese may have heard it in their life. Well. I notice it is found in many Kungfu Movies and even my Chinese friends who cannot converse in mandarin knows this song…

Actually I found many transalation of the title, They are “A Man Of Determination” , “A Man Should Better Himself”. t personnally I think the word 自强 should mean “To Strive To Stengthen Oneself” which I think is a more accurate translation of that.

In a time of crisis now, I guess its time for everyone to strive to become stronger, so I decided to try translating the meaning of the song to english so that everyone can understand what he is trying to say.

It is interesting to know that the tune of the song actually came from a chinese folk song called The General’s Mandate” 將軍令. It was also known to…

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I joined the Alliance!

*Bass rolls* I’m pleased to announce that I joined the Alliance! Celesti Alliance is an excellent heavy metal band, where I’ll be on bass duties with my loyal Jean Pierre.

Check the website and the songs from the EP Eagle’s Nest, those are really good tunes! The first gig will be very soon at Bar Rock Bear in Vantaa, on Sept 2nd. I’m actually learning the tracks and getting well into shape with my fingers, this will definitely be a good challenge for my stamina with fingerstyle 😀 I will keep a picture of Steve Harris in my bass case.

More dates (in Finland and abroad) are going to be confirmed soon, check my Live section for updates.

Mozart Medley now published!

Here you see released on my Soundcloud the first recording for my solo project “Rock Me Amadeus”! It’s a robust rearrangement of some of Mozart’s immortal compositions, featuring extracts from Symphony n.25, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and the Queen of the Night Aria.
I recorded all the strings (and also flutes, horns and oboes) with my electric guitars (Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM, RGX 521 and Hamer Californian).

A very challenging and instructive process, first of all tonewise but mostly because it didn’t reduce to merely playing some already written parts. Even for the comping it wasn’t always a one-to-one correspondence; for the lead guitar, I had to choose which instruments to transpose and, more importantly, how to provide the lead parts with a more personal rock/metal style.
It’s just a pity that the fully digital recording kills some of the dynamics.
The next track of the project will be Vivaldi’s Winter (first movement), hopefully ready by the end of 2016 (since I now joined the band Celesti Alliance on bass).