The Tyger, a little musical homage to William Blake A horror story of might, God and grandeur. Whispered in the darkness. My little homage to the visionary poet William Blake (1757-1827). Included in Apskaft Present: Volume 5 (releases February 2, 2020),…esent-volume-5 — Quantum Prana: vocals, guitar, fretless bass, drum programming, lyrics adaptation Second Order Effects: keyboards Produced by Quantum Prana — […]

A new track, “Funky Matters”. An excursion into particle physics #nerdmetal

“Funky Matters” (a play with words) is a song/essay about the discoveries as well as the uncertainties of Particle Physics. Funk and jazz structures and rhythms develop on a metal arrangement, with clean singing and choruses to sing along with (lyrics below). #nerdmetal Quantum Prana: Vocals, guitar, bass; lyrics, production Second Order Effects: Keyboards Klas […]

Presentation at the Trondheim conference now available for download

A short and coincise presentation I gave in Trondheim (Norway) on 7.11.19, which summarizes the parametric study reported in the conference paper (see the link below). Here is the presentation:  

Conference paper on geothermal energy now published

Here you can download the pdf (open access): I will give the talk next week at the 1st Nordic nZEB+ conference in Trondheim, Norway! Abstract: Geothermal energy constitutes an important renewable resource that will become increasingly prominent in future constructions. A common method of extraction and usage consists of installing, inside the foundation piles […]