Demogorgon, a new song.

“Ήτοι μεν πρώτιστα χάος γένετο.” (“Verily at the first Chaos came to be.”)Hesiod (ca.750 BC), Theogonia, 116.—The opening tune of my dark progressive album “Quantum Arkanum”, featuring stoner, sludge and psychedelic elements, with some classical flavour. Quantum Prana: guitars, bass, voices, drum programming, mixing & mastering. Cover illustration by Gustave Doré (1832-1883).

“Sabbatical Leave” – a new track

“Sabbatical Leave” is the first tale of “The Adventures of Prof. Gideon Longbottom”. The evil researcher hates the world, and particularly his students with their smartphones always at hand. He therefore takes a Sabbatical leave to close himself into a laboratory in the cellar, for designing a weapon of mass destruction…with some (dark) humour. Quantum… Read More “Sabbatical Leave” – a new track

The Tyger – a song of Experience

A dark, atmospheric tune with a horror vibe, where I whisper in the darkness. My little homage to William Blake (1757-1827). To appear in the Apskaft Present: Volume 5 compilation. — Quantum Prana: vocals, guitar, fretless bass, drum programming, lyrics adaptation Second Order Effects: keyboards Produced by Quantum Prana — Lyrics adapted from the… Read More The Tyger – a song of Experience

A new track, “Funky Matters”. An excursion into particle physics #nerdmetal

“Funky Matters” (a play with words) is a song/essay about the discoveries as well as the uncertainties of Particle Physics. Funk and jazz structures and rhythms develop on a metal arrangement, with clean singing and choruses to sing along with (lyrics below). #nerdmetal Quantum Prana: Vocals, guitar, bass; lyrics, production Second Order Effects: Keyboards Klas… Read More A new track, “Funky Matters”. An excursion into particle physics #nerdmetal

A new track, You (edit 2019) on my Soundcloud

So here is my final arrangement (at least until I find a producer) of You, an Odalisque song everybody loved. I wish to thank my collaborators Elisa Mucciarelli and Second Order Effects for their excellent work. Special thanks go to Tatu Hiltunen and Jussi Lindström for their earlier contribution. You can listen to the… Read More A new track, You (edit 2019) on my Soundcloud