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New publication on energy storage

This paper investigates how a simulated room’s energy and temperature performance are affected if its underfloor heating control is modelled with increasing detail. Experiments were performed to develop and calibrate an empirical model of wax motor and to calibrate the valve curve. These models were used to implement and test the On/Off and proportional-integral (PI) control processes at various levels of modelling detail. Controllers were implemented by gradually adding optimized control parameters, signal delay, calibrated valve curve, signal modulation, and actuator modelling. The On/Off control dead band and PI parameters exhibited the largest impact, reducing energy use (1%–5%) and temperature fluctuations (ca 1 K). Modulating the PI output signal increased temperature fluctuations to the same amplitude as On/Off with 0.5 K dead band, increasing space heating demand by 1.3%. The wax actuator counted for less than 1%; however, it increased time delays to maximally 7 min and remarkably changed the mass flows.

Parts , T M , Ferrantelli , A , Naar , H , Thalfeldt , M & Kurnitski , J 2023 , ‘ Wax actuator’s empirical model development and application to underfloor heating control with varying complexity of controller modelling detail ‘ , JOURNAL OF BUILDING PERFORMANCE SIMULATION . https://doi.org/10.1080/19401493.2023.2201818

funky matters remixed

A remix of my #progressivemetal / prog rock song Funky Matters (a concept on the history of particle #physics) is now available on #soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/quantumprana/funky-matters .
Defined as “Perfect intersection of Frank Zappa and Primus.” in a recent review. Check it out!

Vocals for Quantum Arkanum recorded

Some update about my upcoming Quantum Arkanum EP: the vocals for track #2 are now recorded. The song is heavy on symbolism and gnostic traditions, consistently with the EP’s title.

If Event Horizon https://g.co/kgs/4AB8BA is my Yang, progressive and rather bright sounding, Quantum Arkanum is my Yin, featuring dark atmospheres based on doom metal arrangements. Still quite progressive anyway, but with a different flavour.

Tracks #1 and #3 are going to be instrumental, while #2 features vocal parts and lyrics on Egyptian cosmogony and occultism. A mix of English and Ancient Greek.

Forecast for the release date: end of June/mid July. Stay tuned!

“Sabbatical Leave” – a new track

“Sabbatical Leave” is the first tale of “The Adventures of Prof. Gideon Longbottom”. The evil researcher hates the world, and particularly his students with their smartphones always at hand. He therefore takes a Sabbatical leave to close himself into a laboratory in the cellar, for designing a weapon of mass destruction…with some (dark) humour.

Quantum Prana: vocals, lyrics, guitar, bass, programmed drums, production.


Walking down the hall, the comedy plays
Students mocking me, “The hatchback will pay”
The rector won’t pay me regards
The faculty has only retards
Walking stick is carrying
My twisted proportions

My forehead is spacious
To accommodate grandeur
Massive head, naughty grin
My asymmetric chin
Showing the wasteland of my hatred for you

Petty dreams end in screams
Fire, your sins
The final resolution
Apocalypse of melted skin

Students check their smartphone
For quantum optics attention is gone
Spoiling little brats, technology
Life upon a display, making them restless

Your ignorance, your blessing
The final resolution

I’m taking my leave
Working in silence
In the cellar
Holding your smartphone
My grin on their display

Makeup and soaring screams
Flaming phones melt your skin
The final resolution
I’m gonna be a superstar!

(My) walking stick in flames
But I won’t care at all
Dancing on your graves
My twisted figure at the shopping mall

Delirium of the senses
The women will be mine
I shall just collect the pieces
Legs oh, will be carbonised
But after all, it will be fair!

Stepping down the stairs, cursing them all
You wonder why my laughing erupts
“That evil man has gone nuts!”

The dawn of my revenge
Sabbatical call

Revenge is nigh!

KMP – Freedom above the stream (Dark Jazz improvisation)

KMP stands for KriMathPrana, a new creature by me (Quantum Prana) on guitar and fretless bass, [owt kri] on drones and samples, and Math Generator on drums.
This is a dark ambient project, where we are free to experiment new solutions about atmosphere and dynamics.
We aim to evoke deep feelings in the listener, while exploring our inner self.

This Dark Jazz track is based on a drone line by [owt kri], on which MathGen and I improvised with our instruments.