Master Roberto Fassi – in memoriam

Originally posted on Gabriele Goria:
On 12th March 2013, the great martial artist Master Roberto Fassi passed away. Leader in an important Italian chemical enterprise, Fassi published many best-sellers among the Italian landscape of martial arts-books, he was columnist in respected magazines of the sector, but most of all Roberto Fassi was one of the…

Martial application of the kata Bassai Dai

Tesi Bassai Dai I include here my theory assignment for the I Dan exam, back in 2005 when I was practicing karate. It contains my own descriptions and explanations of the various actions used in the form (“kata” in Japanese) Bassai Dai. This is one of the most famous kata in the Shotokan style (read myContinue reading “Martial application of the kata Bassai Dai”