Philosophy paper “Epistemological Explanation of Lean Construction” now published

Cheers! You might already know that I’m very fond of philosophy. I loved it immediately, as soon as I started my studies in high school in Italy, back in the 90s. I certainly refer to it in my daily life, more or less explicitly; after all, my entire Quantum Prana concept is based on theContinue reading “Philosophy paper “Epistemological Explanation of Lean Construction” now published”

Theoretical physics paper now published

My article on reheating and gravitino production in MSSM inflation is now published in The European Physical Journal C. It is a full access publication, if you are interested you can find it here: Abstract In the framework of MSSM inflation, matter and gravitino production are here investigated through the decay of the fieldsContinue reading “Theoretical physics paper now published”

My new article on materials science

Here is my newest paper! “Thermomechanical generation of fissure patterns on the surface of heated circular wood samples” We discuss the observation of primary crack patterns on the surface of heated medium density fiberboard (MDF) round samples in inert atmosphere. A constant heat flux irradiates the wood surface, and the primary cracks seem toContinue reading “My new article on materials science”

First material science paper now published

My paper on thermomechanical processes of charring wood is now published in Combustion And Flame. Here you can download the pdf for free for 50 days, if you are interested 🙂 In our study we develop a model for explaining the crack patterns which are formed on the wood surface when this is exposed to intense heat. ItContinue reading “First material science paper now published”

First paper on energy efficiency published

Greetings! My paper on theoretical modelling of daily hot water consumption in residential buildings is now published in Energy And Buildings. Here follows the abstract: — We consider Domestic Hot Water (DHW) consumption hourly data for Finnish apartments in November and August. Using datasets obtained in a previous work, we formulate a bottom-up model toContinue reading “First paper on energy efficiency published”

My new cosmology paper is out!

My latest paper in cosmology is now public! It took many years to write, as it was a single author side-project on a subject that is very different from my main field. My PhD was indeed in particle cosmology, while now I am mostly working on building physics and methods for energy saving in buildings.Continue reading “My new cosmology paper is out!”

A lecture on European climate

Here you can find the pdf of my traditional introductory lecture on European weather and climate, for our Master’s level course Building Physics Design I at Aalto University, Espoo (Finland): European Climate If you are curious about  weather and climate, and willing to go beyond the stereotypes to see evidence that – cold weather is notContinue reading “A lecture on European climate”

Primordial Inflation and BICEP2 results

March 17th 2014 has been a historical date for all of us cosmologists: the BICEP2 experiment results seem to provide evidence for  both gravitational waves and the inflationary expansion of the early Universe (even though the observed tensor-to-scalar ratio r = 0.20 at 1σ is in tension with the upper bound r<0.11 at 95% C.L. given by aContinue reading “Primordial Inflation and BICEP2 results”

About Quantum Prana, my logo and particle cosmology

My logo certainly carries my initials, however there’s a bit more meaning in it. As you know from my Home page, I am a theoretical physicist, and I got my PhD at the University of Helsinki in 2010. More specifically, my field was particle cosmology with topic supersymmetric dark matter and supergravity. My papers andContinue reading “About Quantum Prana, my logo and particle cosmology”