Mozart Medley now published!

Here you see released on my Soundcloud the first recording for my solo project “Rock Me Amadeus”! It’s a robust rearrangement of some of Mozart’s immortal compositions, featuring extracts from Symphony n.25, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and the Queen of the Night Aria.
I recorded all the strings (and also flutes, horns and oboes) with my electric guitars (Yamaha Pacifica 611HFM, RGX 521 and Hamer Californian).

A very challenging and instructive process, first of all tonewise but mostly because it didn’t reduce to merely playing some already written parts. Even for the comping it wasn’t always a one-to-one correspondence; for the lead guitar, I had to choose which instruments to transpose and, more importantly, how to provide the lead parts with a more personal rock/metal style.
It’s just a pity that the fully digital recording kills some of the dynamics.
The next track of the project will be Vivaldi’s Winter (first movement), hopefully ready by the end of 2016 (since I now joined the band Celesti Alliance on bass).

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