November, 21 2021

REDRUM 251 – Martinengo’s Thrill Hills

A short collection of soundtracks for Fabrizio Borgio’s crime stories, settled among Piedmont’s wine hills and featuring Detective Giorgio Martinengo. Inspired by psychological horror and the movie The Shining (1980).

  1. “Martinengo’s Waltz” is inspired by Derrick, Debussy, old cartoons, surrealism…and Lovecraft.
    A soundtrack for the novelist Fabrizio Borgio’s crime stories, featuring Inspector Martinengo, which are settled amongst the foggy vineyards of North-Western Italy.
  2. “Delayed Arrival” is inspired by ’70s progressive rock and surrealism.
    Another soundtrack for the novelist Fabrizio Borgio’s crime stories, this time featuring a late police arrival after a suspicious call…
  3. “Room 251”. In a dark, damp hotel room, where a homicide was perpetrated a few years before in the bathtub, some awkwardly moving shadows appear on the moulded wall of the bathroom, by the intermittent light of a broken lamp.
    Inspired by Fabrizio Borgio’s crime stories and by the movie The Shining (1980).
  4. “Room 251 (Extended Take)”. An extended and very dark version of the track Room 251.

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